Chef d'Amuri

Francesco d’Amuri

was born in Francavilla Fontana, Brindisi in Italy. As a son of farmers Francesco grew up deeply connected to the land his parents worked and to the bounties it yielded.  As a child he helped his parents harvesting olives to make olive oil, pressing grapes for family wine, canning and pickling the seasonal crops and preparing all they grew to share together at the family table.  A love of Italian food was in his blood and it came as no surprise when he started to hone his skills and make a living cooking.

Francesco officially began his culinary career in the summer resorts of Rimini and fell in love with busy kitchen life.  He worked in Arezzo, Cortona and Rome, which exposed him to different types of Italian cuisine.  When called to serve mandatory military service in Florence Francesco found it hard to keep out of the kitchen and soon found himself cooking in the officers’ canteen.  After finishing his service d’Amuri worked at the five star Hotel Baglioni in Florence and with Florence’s premier caterer Ciabatti.

Francesco came to America in 2002 to open L’Orcio restaurant excited to share the wealth of culinary tradition from his native country.  Regional Italian recipes prepared with the best ingredients available are his inspiration.  Pastas are handmade daily along with homemade breads and desserts from scratch.  His kitchen is a place where food is crafted not assembled!

Fond childhood memories of waiting for the harvest inspire his seasonal menus as well as using local ingredients and he still finds comfort toiling on his parent’s farm.  His dishes are prepared and served in a contemporary fine dining environment.  He credits his connection to the food he cooks and to the values his parents instilled in him.  Food is important, it should be respected and the more you become involved in preparing it the more satisfaction it brings.